Langton Group Service Agreements

  • We buy the mower and set up a 4-year service contract custom to your yard
  • We maintain the mower and your yard for years o come with a simple, weekly charge over 8 months (you only pay in season)
  • We change the blades on your mower every month
  • We service your yard with a battery powered trimmer and blower bi-weekly
  • You have a dedicated robotic lawn mower that stays on your property for 8 months of every year

Automower Models

315X (.33-acre standard lot)
  • $156.58 per month over 8 months for 4 years
430X (.75-acre standard lot or complex smaller yard)
  • $170.99 per month over 8 months for 4 years
450X (1.25-acre lot)
  • $214.73 per month over 8 months for 4 years
  • No more clumps.
  • No more rain days, tire ruts, or sick days.
  • Let us give you the highest level of lawn service you’ve ever experienced!
  • If your yard is over 1.25 acres, we will zone multiple units, similar to how an irrigation system works. We can custom design a robotic fleet for your  yard!

Truly Eco-Friendly Lawn Care!