Why Get an Automower from AOS?


2 Year Warranty

Local Warranty with Pick-Up/Drop-Off Service

AOS-Trained Professional Installation

Winter Service and Storage Available

Loaner-Units Available During Servicing or Warranty Work

Affordable Leasing Options

Servicing Available Post-Warranty

Quality Technical Support

Extended Warranty Available

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        YES                    No

        YES                    Maybe

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        YES                    Maybe

        YES                    Maybe

        YES                    Maybe

        YES                    Maybe

We add the human element to automated mowing. We sell to homeowners, municipalities, landscapers and property managers, and home builders.

Our Mission

We are the bridge between the manufacturer and the end user. We accomplish this by training our team to understand the technology in real world applications. Just like cell phones don't work without a good service provider; we believe the same applies to automowers.

Our Vision

We want to put these units to work in the public, commercial, and residential sectors. We aim to bring landscapers together to help them see the future in lawn mowing while positively impacting climate change.

Our Values

Be an industry leader, never follow
Build partnerships
Exceptional customer service
Always be honest
Have passion about our products
Work as a team
Always improve ourselves
Educate the customer


Automowers Sold/installed


LBS/YR of Carbon Dioxide Reduced*


Automowers in Service


Service Agreements sold

Our Team

Plan Your Automower Install Today!

Map out your yard and we'll help you order the right mower or set up a service plan.

*This number is based on our equipment efficiency if we were to service our accounts with a traditional mid-sized zero-turn mower and may not be entirely accurate to your individual lawn mower and/or lawn care routine.